“Shelter” presented by Harlem School of the Arts & the National Association of Women Artists in cooperation with Violence Transformed – December 1, 2016-January 3, 2017

“Alone” from my refugee series


I am pleased that my painting, “Alone”, has been selected for this exhibit.

“One of the basic needs, with food and love, SHELTER is a major concern for all living beings, especially when it comes to refugees, immigrants, those struggling to pay the rent, and victims of domestic violence.  Artwork centered on SHELTER, open to the artists’ interpretation, aims to bring light to the struggles in the search for this essential ingredient for happiness and security.” (Harlem School of the Arts, the Herb Alpert Center)


“Alone” featured as part of “Shelter” exhibit

“Alone” from my refugee series

I am pleased that my painting of this refugee child has been selected by the National Association of Women Artists, Inc. for their exhibit. “Shelter.” The exhibit takes place at the Harlem School of the Arts and runs from December 1 through January 3.  A portion of sales proceeds goes to Violence Transformed.

Her Story 2016 – An Exhibition of Outstanding Women Artists

frida kahlo for Her StoryI was so pleased to win an “Award of Excellence” in the Manhattan Arts International on-line exhibition, “Her Story 2016.” Curated by Renee Phillips, this exhibit can be viewed from March 20-April 20, 2016.

My entry, “Frida – Two Views”, was the first in my series called “Icons.” After Frida, I did Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.  Following in Warhol’s footsteps, I then did Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.  I have just completed two views of Georgia O’Keefe. I think my next “icon” will be Audrey Hepburn and then who knows where I’ll take this idea.  Any suggestions?

New work in process

When the Hastings-on-Hudson farmers market takes place, we frequent the Hudson Valley Duck stand. The amiable guy who sells the duck is Angus (shouldn’t he be selling beef?).  I’ve taken photos of other vendors and have in mind to do a large painting with all of them in it.  But I was so fascinated with Angus’s face that I decided to do a smaller version of just him.  To start with something other than a blank canvas, I pressed the left-over paint from my palette on the canvas and

I now have to work my way through the mess. So far, I’ve only sketched in the image but I think it sort of looks like him.  To be continued…

Messy studio

I just read about a study from the University of Minnesota that says there’s a link between a messy space and creativity.  Hooray!  If this is true, these photos of my #art #studio (somewhat cleaned up) shows my #creativity. I imagine it would be an even bigger mess if I used oils instead of #acrylics.

Spring Awakening

Just saw the amazing production of #SpringAwakening, featuring both deaf and hearing actors.  The deaf actors and many of the hearing actors use sign language and the effect is quite beautiful as their hands are so expressive.