Getting Inspiration for my Art

With the gorgeous weather on Friday, I decided to go to the City and check out some exhibits.  I was particularly interested in seeing “Becoming Jewish: Warhol’s Liz and Marilyn” at the Jewish Museum. I had recently finished paintings of all three of them and hoped this show might provide some insight into their personalities.  Warhol’s iconic portraits explore his fascination with both women, “the allure of fame and the way myths are manufactured.”  He created multiple versions to capture the “obsessive nature of popular fascination with both women’s faces.”

I hadn’t thought of Liz and Marilyn in terms of religion but this show gave me the idea of perhaps doing a series of famous people who converted to Judaism.


To me, a far more interesting exhibit in the museum is “Unorthodox.” At first, I mistakenly thought it would be about religion but the title has to do with art.  The show “brings together 55 artists who operate outside established norms and could be characterized as mavericks, rebels, iconoclasts or misfits.” I particularly enjoyed the work of Brian De Graw, Boris Lurie and Birgit Mergerle.


Hamptons in November

Even though we went to the Hamptons during the worst weather of autumn, the rough ocean had a wonderful variety of waves and the gray and foggy sky had its own allure.  Seeing unusual abstract forms in nature was rewarding and artistically inspiring.

I’ve joined the Healing Power of Art Gallery

cropped-me-with-waiting-in-a-show.jpgI have been invited to join the Healing Power of Art Gallery, a curated art resource for art buyers, gallery directors, curators, art consultants and the general public.

Its founder, Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, states, “We’re a community of artists, arts advocates and writers dedicated to raising awareness about how art enhances the well-being of individuals, society and the environment.”

Mom’s 100th Birthday

My mother, Lillian, has just celebrated her 100th birthday!  She is as smart, curious and funny as ever – quite an amazing and inspirational woman. Over the years, I have created several paintings of her.  Here are two – as a young woman and when she was 96 – as well as a photo of her at age 100.IMG_0308IMG_2678-1000_FullSizeRender

Blue Door Gallery show










I am pleased to be part of the Blue Door Gallery’s exhibit, “The Art of Healing.”  The exhibit will run from Saturday, August 8 until  September 5 with an opening reception on August 8 from 2-5 pm.  The gallery is at 13 Riverdale Avenue in Yonkers NY.