A wonderful play

I had the pleasure of seeing Athol Fugard’s new play, “The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek” , currently at the Signature Theatre.  This work was suggested by the life of outsider artist Nukain Mabusa, an aging South African farm laborer who has spent his life transforming rocks into a vibrant garden of painted flowers. The story is powerful and the actors are amazing.


The King and I

Recently, I saw the Lincoln Center production of The King and I.  This show is special to me because it was the first show that I took my daughter to see many years ago and she loved it.  Having seen Yul Brynner and Constance Towers in the original, I was hopeful that today’s stars could measure up to their performances.  Not only were they and the entire company outstanding but, as an artist, I was in heaven. The sets and costumes are extraordinary.  I can only imagine the amount of creative talent that went into the visual aspects of the show. Run to get tickets if any are still available.